Amateur Spankings - Welcome to real amateur spanking and extreme caning

Erotic Spanking Escorts

Always maintain control: avoid uncontrolled or unintentional pain to help promote trust and as much pleasureas possible by learning good technique

  1. Communicate: discuss what you both find intriguing about spanking. Your erotic spanking escort can guide you to the perfect spanking. Is it the physical sensation, the sense of vulnerability, the power dynamic, etc? Knowing why your partner is interested will give you most of the information you need as to how to deliver the spanking.

  2. Boundaries: find out what your partner’s limits or boundaries are. Are they only interested in feeling your hand, or are they willing to try out a ruler, hairbrush, paddle, etc? Is it ok to leave marks on their normally pale ass? Would telling them what a ‘bad, naughty little girl’ they’ve been turn them on, or bring up emotional triggers from the past? Determine a “safe word” or some other agreed upon signal that things have gone too far and agree to stop if it is uttered. That way you can say “stop” and “no” and continue to play until the safe word is needed, if you want.

  3. Determine Preferences: find out what kind of sensation your partner likes. Two common categories of potentially painful sensation are ‘thud’ and ’sting’. Some people lean heavily towards one or the other, and may find only one or the other pleasurable. It will serve you well to know their preference (though you may chose to withhold the preferred pleasure to mess with her head).

  4. Assume the Position!
  5. have your subject bent over your knees, laying across your lap, or bent over a desk or other piece of furniture.

  6. Touch, Get Physical, and Get in their Head: begin touching him or her, run your hands over their ass, over their thighs and back, firmly grab their hair, position them to your liking. Most of all… let them know how much you are enjoying their ‘helpless predicament’. Let them hear your evil smile, and your passion or downright happiness about what you’re about to do!
  7. Warm Them Up (skip this step for hardcore pain sluts): Many people, not all, thoroughly enjoy being ‘warmed-up’, and they also find that they can happily receive much more painful stimuli if properly prepped. This can be done by starting with lots of rubbing, then moving on to patting and brushing for a few minutes before putting any force into a spank.
  8. Begin the Trance: If you wish to provide a meditative, cathartic, sensual spanking, try to build up a mostly predictable rhythm to your cadence. The fewer surprises that come, the easier it will be for your partner to enter a relaxed, trance-like state where they may simply soak up all the fabulous attention you are endowing them with. This won’t work for a true pain slut, for these types, proceed to the next step…
  9. Pain Sluts: A true pain slut may be annoyed by a warm-up, or a beating with a more sensual tone. For those delicious types, spank away! Spank harder and harder until they use the agreed safe word or a standard one of “safe word” or “yellow” or “red” (yellow means it’s almost too much, red means it’s too much)
  10. Aim for the Sweet Spot: The best area for spanking, the ’sweet spot’ as we call it, is right where the buttocks meet the top of the thighs. This fleshier part of the ass is the ideal space to smack. Hard impact on the outer hips is relatively safe, but not nearly as pleasurable, and too high on the ass you run the risk of impact on the tailbone.
  11. Create a Thuddy Sensation: For those who prefer thuddy sensations in their impact play, a good rule of thumb would be to aim *through* your partner’s ass, all the way to your own leg. Imagine ‘follow through’ in baseball. You don’t swing the bat, and pull it back once it makes contact. You allow it to continue all the way around. This type of impact, if done well, can feel as wonderful as a deep tissue massage.


  1. Create a stingy sensation: to sting her ass with your spanking, focus your aim on the surface of the ass. Swing down, and pull back once you make contact. You can also create this effect by using the pads of the fingertips rather than the whole hand. Some bottoms find sting to be considerably more intense than thud, and they can get off quite quickly from it!

  2. Add in other Sensations: Once she’s all hot and bothered, mix it up a little. Grab her hair at its base and give it a solid tug, slip a hand in between her legs and tease about how much she’s clearly enjoying herself. Take a break from smacking to rub the warm, red ass, lightly run fingernails down her sensitive skin to create a new, surprising sensation.

  3. Watch their body language throughout your scene. If she is arching her ass up towards you invitingly while making enticing, yummy noises, you’re on the right track! If she’s squirming too much (and not in a playful way), or arching away from the smack, it may be time to lessen the intensity or take a break to rub or tease. Body language and reactive sounds say more than words. She may be pleading, “no, ohhh, that hurts,” while wriggling seductively… in this case, chances are she’ll be rather disappointed if you stop!